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Flip the Switch

Feb 22, 2018

Fashion is changing, and it’s no surprise that Amazon’s at the forefront.  Snapchat continues to get bashed for their new interface, which they say it here to stay. Netflix continues to dominate, and a lot of it is thanks to Digital Marketing, Our main discussion revolves around ad platforms pushing for better user...

Feb 16, 2018

Amazon is Launching a Full Fledged Logistics Company, & Taco Bell’s CEO is pullin a fast one by joining Chipotle. SpaceX is not done launching rockets, and our main discussion revolves around Facebook’s transparency issue and what it means for advertisers. We finish up with cool tech talk.

Feb 8, 2018

We round up the 4th Quarter for the top tech companies, and discuss where the titans of industry are headed next. The Dow plunged 1200 points on Monday but the guys explain why you shouldn’t panic. Cryptos start rebounding after an important senate hearing, and Elon Musk is up to somethin’.

Feb 1, 2018

The Super Bowl is here and companies are dropping more cash than ever to get their brand on your screen. The guys take a look at Super Bowl internet marketing and discuss how to use your budget on the big game. Apple comes out with a smart home device, and the single largest case of fraud is developing in the...